Emoji Saver gets new Emojis (2017)

Our Emoji Saver will include the newest Apple emojis from Unicode emoji v5.0 as soon as Apple releases the next minor version of macOS High Sierra. We have already prepared everything for a new release and will include updated versions of the Twemoji Emojis and the EmojiOne Emojis.

To give you a feeling for what’s up to come, here they are. Hover over the image to switch between the brands:

And of course, skin tones are supported:

Screen shot Skined

Apple also changed some. Here are a few of the more prominent changes:

Changed ones Sierra 10.12.6 vs. High Sierra 10.13.1

And last but not least a diff image showing all changed Apple emojis (generated by Kaleidoscope). In some cases only the colors/shadows have changed slightly or the emoji has been repositioned by a pixel:

Screen shot Skined

As always please feel free to contact me at any time. A beta-release is available on request.

Update 2017-11-03: In the final release the Octopus 🐙 was reverted back to the previous version.